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Wish - Acheter en s'amusant

Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Wish - Acheter en s'amusant

Wish Shopping

1. use the app

Shopping can be so easy! But best of all, shopping should also be convenient. So how about an app for a convenient shopping experience from the comfort of your couch? Wish Shopping offers just that with their app. Quite simply, users can choose from thousands of items from numerous online stores around the world. What areas are there? Everything your heart desires. The areas range from clothing and household items to jewelry, electrical appliances of all kinds and much more.

Just quickly a dress, a jacket, a pair of new headphones for the smartphone. It should not only be bought quickly, but also be there quickly. The app advertises that ordering and delivery are simple and fast. For an even better search result, there are filter functions and under each product the number of buyers. This might be interesting if you want to know if a product is good and popular. Many of Wish's items are very cheap. They are often produced in Asia. Therefore, it can sometimes take a little longer for delivery.

However, in order to use the service and the shopping experience of Wish Shopping, a one-time registration in the app or on the website is required. By the way, you can also log in with a Facebook, Google or Apple account.
When ordering, the buyer is also protected. He can return the items within 30 days if not satisfied and select various payment methods. These include, for example, PayPal, ApplePay, payment by credit card or Klarna. ApplePay is therefore particularly interesting for Wish Shopping's iOS app. The user can do everything from just one device.

However, users with iOS devices and the iOS app should always take a look at the additional iOS terms and conditions beforehand to be on the safe side.

2. most important functions

One of the most important functions of the Wish Shopping iOS app is the practical search function. Briefly enter the term, tap on the search icon and the app displays the relevant products. In this context, the filter function should also help in the search for suitable and interesting products. After all, who wants to scroll through an almost endless number of search results on the iPhone or iPad?

Finally, if price is important to you, you can also use the filter function. You can filter by price range, by customer rating, or whether the shipping is express.

A sorting function, with which you can sort by price, date or rating, for example, is not available. However, since many of the products can be found in a very low price range anyway, this is not really necessary.

However, since the app only shows the prices of the products and standard shipping costs, it lacks information about possible taxes and customs duties. Therefore, the buyer should definitely inform himself in advance about everything he has to consider when buying via Wish in order not to fall into a cost trap.

3. evaluation

In itself, Wish offers a simple way to quickly and easily buy very cheap products via the iPhone or iPad. The user actually has a choice from a variety of different providers from all over the world. This makes the offer at Wish very extensive. However, caution is advised here as well. Because the products are extremely cheap - many products of different categories cost less than 10 euros - but the delivery costs are sometimes immense and the quality is not necessarily the best. In addition to the delivery costs, attention must be paid to the country of the supplier: Where is the supplier based?

Are there any additional customs duties, for example, when products are delivered from China to Germany? In this case, thorough research into customs regulations makes sense. If you are considering buying from Wish, you should make sure that you do not exceed a purchase value of 22 euros. Because from 22 euros per delivery day, additional customs duties are incurred. Thus, it can happen that the costs due to shipping costs and possible customs duties ultimately turn out to be much higher than with domestic providers. The delivery time is also worth considering - it ranges from 14 days to several months.

Résumé des notes de Wish - Acheter en s'amusant
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Utilisation / Gameplay
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Avantages / Désavantages
  • 1. the shopping app for iOS and Android is free. 
  • 2. the customer has money back guarantee and can choose secure payment methods. Complaints are usually not a problem.
  • 3. there are also local suppliers. Pickup options are also offered in some cases.
  • 1. photos do not always match with product. 
  • 2. shipping costs and delivery times vary from supplier to supplier. Customs duties may also be due (from 22 euros per delivery day). 
  • 3. quality is not always very high.
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