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Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive - The cloud solution for Windows and Co.

The software manufacturer Microsoft has launched its own cloud solution, OneDrive, with which you can store and manage your files online. OneDrive is part of the OnlineSuit from Windows.

With OneDrive, you can store all kinds of files in an online storage to use them from different devices like an iPhone or a laptop. This doesn't always require a Windows environment, although Microsoft recommends it to ensure that all extensions run smoothly. However, you can also access OneDrive with an iPhone, for example, if you want to.

OneDrive creates its own storage locations on the smartphone or on your tablet for use. If you want to save a file, you can move it directly into these folders so that it is loaded into your cloud. Friends and acquaintances who have access to your data storage can not only view the saved files, but also change and edit them if necessary. You'll then receive a notification so you'll always see when a file is in an updated version in the cloud.

If you decide to use the service, you can sort your files into different folders to keep track of them. For example, images and documents can be stored separately. For an additional overview, your data can be sorted according to desired criteria. For example, you can arrange them by the date when they were last used. You can also subdivide them by name or by size. In addition, the application has a protected folder that cannot be viewed by outsiders unless they know your password.

What functions does OneDrive from Microsoft offer?

The main function of OneDrive is to store and manage your files. This is advantageous if you want to store certain documents, images or music files not only locally on a computer, but also use them on other devices without having to save them separately.

But as part of Microsoft 365, OneDrive is equipped with various extensions that are automatically available to you when you sign up. Among other things, you can access the Outlook email program to send your files to other users with one click. If you want to edit documents or presentations, a double click in OneDrive is sufficient. The corresponding application is then opened automatically by Microsoft. For example, the Word writing program starts for documents and PowerPoint is launched for presentations. However, the functions of the online applications are limited. Among other things, it is not possible to expand the dictionary with your own terms.

OneDrive also allows you to share your files with other users. To do this, you can invite your friends, acquaintances or co-workers to your OneDrive storage via their e-mail address. They can then access almost all the content you want to share on your cloud storage.

However, one folder is protected from unauthorized access. In the so-called vault, you can store files that you want to save online, but which you do not want the invited users to access. Sensitive data, family photos or similar can be stored in this access-protected folder and can then only be opened with a two-step confirmation. This means that you have to enter a password and then receive a code to your registered e-mail address. This code must be entered the first time you log in before you can set up the vault. As an additional security, the folder has a kind of time lock, so it will automatically lock itself after 20 minutes if no activity is detected during that time. This keeps your data protected from outside access.

For whom is Microsoft OneDrive useful?

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud solution that is not only suitable for Microsoft Windows users. With 5GB, it offers quite generous storage even in the free version and is already integrated in Windows 10 without additional installation. However, OneDrive sometimes has problems when it is supposed to transfer older files to current standards. Furthermore, the application cannot be combined with external extensions. In return, the application already offers pre-installed storage locations and access to other online services from Microsoft in Windows.

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  • Notifications about updates and changes to files 
  • Connection to other Microsoft applications 
  • Quite generous memory 
  • Not extensible with other applications 
  • Very slow on older devices 
  • Cannot convert some files properly 

Tutorial installation / de-installation on iOS

This is how easy it is to install and uninstall / delete iOS apps (applies to iPhone and other iOS devices):

The installation of apps is basically possible on iOS via the App Store. The App Store contains both free and paid apps that can be installed on the iPad, iPod or iPhone. The prerequisite for use is an Apple ID, which can also be created free of charge (this ID is also required for free apps).

1. In the AppStore, the user selects the appropriate app using the search or categories. To the right of the app icon there is a "load" button that is pressed.

2. In the next step, the user must log in with the Apple ID. If the ID has already been used for an app, all you have to do is enter the password - alternatively, Touch ID or Face ID can be used for new devices.

3. After entering the password or after authentication, the app is finally loaded and automatically installed. Entering the password is also necessary for free apps.

4. The app is loaded at the next free space on the home screen and can be opened there - alternatively, the "Load" button becomes the "Open app" button so that the app can be opened directly from the AppStore.

Uninstall apps in iOS

Deleting apps and programs on iOS is very easy and can be done directly from the home screen.
1. In the first step, the user looks for the app that needs to be deleted and presses the app icon with one finger for a long time.

2. The mode opens in which the home screen can be edited. An "X" appears at the top left of every app. Clicking on the "X" opens another dialog that asks you to confirm the deletion.

3. "Delete app" is selected here. Some apps save user data (e.g. scores) - therefore iOS can ask the user for some apps whether the app data should also be removed. If the app is reinstalled in the future, stored information can easily be reused.
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