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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office - The office suite with many functions

Microsoft Office combines the most common programs that you need for your everyday office life, for school or other situations. One of the main applications is the writing program Word, with which you can easily create, edit and share your own texts. Word is equipped with many features that allow you to customize the layout and format of your text. You can check what you have written for errors and correct it easily. But you also have the possibility of inserting graphics and tables to better structure your documents.

In the Excel application you can create and manage tables. You can do accounting tasks clearly or create simple calculators to calculate the running costs for your projects.

Another part of Microsoft Office is the PowerPoint application. This application is used to create presentation slides. In addition to text and images, you can also include small movies and music that will make your presentations more lively. Besides, PowerPoint offers a wide range of effects that let you insert texts differently from slide to slide, if you want to make your presentation a bit more dynamic.

Sway, on the other hand, is a feature that allows you to create small stories and video snippets. The creation of the small slideshows serves as an entry solution to create your first own websites or to implement small presentations for companies.

In addition to these applications, Outlook is also part of Microsoft Office and allows you to write and send e-mails. You can easily convert the content from the other Office applications into an e-mail attachment with a mouse click, and then send it to colleagues, friends or acquaintances.

The functions of Microsoft Office in detail

Microsoft Office can be divided and illuminated according to its individual office programs. The writing program Word focuses on the design and editing of text documents of all kinds. You can write a simple continuous text or create tables. Pictures and graphics can be inserted and you can also create your own diagrams with the corresponding data in order to present certain factual contents more clearly. In addition, Word offers you the possibility to include so-called hyperlinks in your documents. These can be connected to other files or Internet addresses. If you then click on the hyperlink, the corresponding content is opened and played back.

If other users have access to certain documents, they can also leave comments or make corrections to the text you have created. If you wish, these corrections will be highlighted in color so that you can see exactly what has been changed.

With Excel you have the possibility to create tables in different scopes. You can create simple enumerations or, with a little background knowledge, complex arithmetic operations. Duty rosters, appointment calendars and the like can all be conveniently created, edited and forwarded in Excel. If necessary, you can also combine several tables from different documents to create a single, clearly arranged file.

If you want to create presentations, Microsoft Office offers you the PowerPoint application. You can fill the slides with text, images, small videos or even music clips and transform them into a presentation worth seeing using various effects. The program offers you, among other things, the possibility to play the presentation independently and to include pauses in which your audience can make notes or ask questions. A selection of templates also helps you to develop suitable presentations for the respective occasions.

Applications such as Sway for creating small clips and image montages or Outlook round off the range of functions for the office suite. Because you can not only edit and manage your created files, but also send and share them conveniently via e-mail.

How useful is the use of Microsoft Office?

Among the collections of office programs, Microsoft Office is still one of the most used applications ever. This is due to the fact that the programs are very beginner-friendly. You can get started right away and write texts, create tables or create a presentation. At the same time, the various applications offer a wide range of advanced features that are useful for more intensive editing. The program requires a valid Windows license. Also, the applications change formats of files created with other programs. Nevertheless, Microsoft Office remains an important software in the field of office work, which is difficult to replace.

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  • Very beginner friendly 
  • Large scope of deeper functions 
  • Easy merging and management of files 
  • Requires a Windows license 
  • Does not take over layouts from other programs 
  • Cannot be combined with external extensions 

Tutorial installation / de-installation on iOS

This is how easy it is to install and uninstall / delete iOS apps (applies to iPhone and other iOS devices):

The installation of apps is basically possible on iOS via the App Store. The App Store contains both free and paid apps that can be installed on the iPad, iPod or iPhone. The prerequisite for use is an Apple ID, which can also be created free of charge (this ID is also required for free apps).

1. In the AppStore, the user selects the appropriate app using the search or categories. To the right of the app icon there is a "load" button that is pressed.

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4. The app is loaded at the next free space on the home screen and can be opened there - alternatively, the "Load" button becomes the "Open app" button so that the app can be opened directly from the AppStore.

Uninstall apps in iOS

Deleting apps and programs on iOS is very easy and can be done directly from the home screen.
1. In the first step, the user looks for the app that needs to be deleted and presses the app icon with one finger for a long time.

2. The mode opens in which the home screen can be edited. An "X" appears at the top left of every app. Clicking on the "X" opens another dialog that asks you to confirm the deletion.

3. "Delete app" is selected here. Some apps save user data (e.g. scores) - therefore iOS can ask the user for some apps whether the app data should also be removed. If the app is reinstalled in the future, stored information can easily be reused.
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