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Sauvegarde, synchro., partage

Dropbox - Backup, Sync, Share

Sauvegarde, synchro., partage

Dropbox - The data storage with team connections

In the digital age, there are always reasons why you don't want to store your data on a single device, but instead use it from different devices. On the one hand, it can be important presentations that you want to present to your audience. It can also be documents that you need for work or files that need to be managed in a group work. But you may also want to have music, movies and your favorite pictures with you at all times, without having to store them separately on each of your devices.

For these occasions, an online cloud like Dropbox is useful. With Dropbox, you store all your important files in an online storage and can then easily open, edit and manage them via a browser or the corresponding app.

Dropbox sorts your files chronologically. This way, you can always see directly which files were last uploaded or edited. In addition, the online cloud has many automatic tools, such as a video player or an editing platform for documents, so you need fewer apps to use your stored data.

To make sure you're always up to date, Dropbox always updates itself, as well as the files it stores, automatically for you. For example, if you write a file on your computer and upload it, you can continue to edit that file on your phone. The next time you start your computer, the revised file from your Dropbox is automatically saved to the smartphone so that your editing progress is not lost. The update is relatively fast, so you can continue working almost seamlessly.

A look at the different functions of Dropbox

In its main function, Dropbox offers you the possibility to store your data online. In addition, you can also sort and store your data according to different categories. For example, if you are making a presentation for school or work, you can put all your data into one folder. This way you don't have to search for your documents, but have them all in one place and can make your presentation more fluent.

Dropbox also keeps track of which files you use most often, or which files you spend a lot of time on. Under the menu item "Highlights" you can then display all files according to their most frequent use.

In Dropbox, you also have the option of creating team documents. The so-called "papers" serve as a kind of blackboard to which you can invite all the people who are to work in the team. The members of the team can leave ideas, improvements and comments on the respective paper, similar to a group chat. But you can also conveniently add the different documents for the team using a drag-and-drop system and assign specific tasks and timings to each team member. This way, each team member has a structured overview of what they need to get done and by when so that the team project can be completed.

Another big plus of Dropbox is that your cloud can be extended with various extensions. For example, you can integrate apps like Zoom, Autodesk and Adobe's Acrobat Reader into your Dropbox to control their respective functions directly from your data store.

Is Dropbox a recommended application?

Dropbox is a very simple but comprehensive cloud storage for your files. You can not only store documents or presentations, but also use private files such as photos, music or movies via the service conveniently from your smartphone or tablet. Especially when you use different devices and are often on the go, Dropbox is a very useful program for you. However, the free data storage is quickly used up, so you should consider exactly how many files you want to store in the cloud beforehand. Occasionally, the connection is interrupted, which is particularly annoying when watching movies or during a zoom chat. Overall, however, Dropbox is good and helps you to make your data available on the go.

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  • Usable on many devices 
  • Limited data storage 
  • Connection occasionally breaks 
  • Updates during editing terminate selected files 
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