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The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile

The Sims Mobile

This is what The Sims Mobile is all about.

With The Sims mobile, another well-known and extremely popular franchise is trying to conquer the mobile market. But what is The Sims all about? A Sim is a simulated person, which you can create according to your wishes and preferences. Alone or with friends, relatives or a partner, the Sim moves into a house and lives his life. You can influence and define all kinds of things. Do you want your Sim to be intelligent or lazy? Do you want to have a job as a barista or rather as a secret agent?

In the game you can control your Sim and assign him tasks. All the people you meet will interact with your Sim. But you determine whether a friendly or dismissive reaction is due. You want your Sim to do sports to be fit? A simple click is all it takes. In short, you can and must control your character throughout life. But even if you have less time, life goes on. Your Sim will also make independent decisions, with his most urgent needs taking priority.

Throughout life, your character will earn quite a bit of money. You can spend this to beautify or even enlarge your apartment. But you can also buy new clothes or useful items. Everything your Sim needs for a happy and successful life is available.

The gameplay of The Sims Mobile

Has The Sims mobile managed to adapt this interesting game concept for mobile devices? The answer is yes and no. The Sims mobile feels quite like a "real" The Sims in many areas. With just a few touches on the touchscreen, you can create your character and customize it in many ways. Even the layout of your home, the character's needs and the ways to fulfill them are reminiscent of the other parts of the game series. And of course, it's always great fun to watch the character struggle to cope with everyday life.

But unlike in the PC and console versions, all the actions your Sim can perform require energy. This fills up automatically over time, but only allows for short interactions at a time. However, it is possible to have the energy replenished. To do this, all you have to do is press around pointlessly on your phone, watch an advertisement or buy an energy booster for real money. In addition, many actions, as well as items and outfits, are only unlocked by reaching higher levels. This is a normal approach for mobile games and would not be very noticeable in a noname game. But for the brand "The Sims", users automatically have different expectations. Because of these somewhat unnecessary complications, the flow of the game is lost and it becomes considerably more difficult to steer your Sim through life perfectly and free of defaults.

Evaluation of The Sims Mobile in detail

All in all, The Sims Mobile must be considered a very successful game. This is because it is a good, if not perfect, implementation of the classic game for mobile devices. The game can be great fun, especially if you don't have too many expectations. But for fans of the series, it will unfortunately be a bit of a disappointment. After all, it was precisely the absolutely unrestricted possibilities to control one's Sim that made the game so successful. And that exactly this concept was lost due to the adaptation to a mobile game is a shame. Nevertheless, The Sims Mobile can also be recommended to fans of the series. Because the mobile version is perfectly suitable for a short trip in between.

Rating Summary of The Sims Mobile
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Overall Rating
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Advantages / Disadvantages
  • The Sims Mobile is a fun and entertaining mobile game for in-between.
  • The possibilities to customize and play your own character are varied and entertaining.
  • Unfortunately, the game flow is lost due to level requirements and the need to spend energy.
  • Numerous microtransactions and different currency models cause confusion.

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